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Painful feet?

Whether you're in pain and discomfort with a foot problem, or just embarrassed by your feet, we can help. We deal with all sorts of conditions - major and minor - or perhaps your feet just need a good old pampering session!

Read on to find out more about your foot problem and the treatments we offer.

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Have you tried everything to get rid of those pesky, unsightly, painful verrucas?

We use the cutting edge technology of Swift Microwave Verruca treatments at the Round House. This quick, effective, proven treatment takes seconds and needs no dressings or injections.

We have now been using this treatment for over 5 years and are getting some great results for our patients. We are proud to have been the first clinic in Huddersfield offering Swift treatments.

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Foot Pain & Heel Pain

Are painful feet getting you down?

We can assess the cause of your foot pain and offer treatment and advice on common causes such as Plantar Fasciitis and Morton’s Neuroma.

Give us a call and take your first steps to being pain free.

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Corns & Skin Problems

Embarrassed by hard skin or cracked heels? Bothered by corns?

These are all common foot problems that can be quickly and painlessly treated by a Podiatrist. We also offer warm wax therapy to help with very dry skin, chilblains and aching feet.

More about corns & callus

Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing toenails are both painful and unsightly

They can either be treated conservatively, sometimes using a local anaesthetic to ease treatment, or surgically to permanently remove the ingrowing section of the nail. The whole process takes around 30-45 minutes and can easily resolve those ingrowing nails.

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Anna Cooke, podiatrist at Round House Podiatry, Kirkburton

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Athlete's Foot &
Fungal Toenails

Itchy feet? Discoloured toenails?

We know fungal infections can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Don't worry nothing will shock us. We can provide a clear diagnosis and then advise on effective treatment for both athlete’s foot and fungal nail infections.

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Thickened Toenails & Nail Cutting

Problem nails?

People struggle with day-to-day foot care for many reasons. We can help even with the most simple foot care, nail cutting, reducing thickened toenails.

We are both specialists in diabetic foot care so we can provide focussed care for patients with diabetes.

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Cosmetic Podiatry

Feet need pampering?

Alongside our traditional Podiatry treatments we also offer cosmetic procedures. Treat your feet with a medical pedicure intensive foot treatment (medi pedi) or cosmetic toenail reconstruction.

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Foot Problems?

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