A nail ready for toenail reconstruction , toenail reconstruction

Revitalize Your Feet: Toenail Reconstruction for Healthy Nails

Do you dread sandal weather because of your toenails?

Cosmetic toenail reconstruction is an emerging part of the world of Cosmetic Podiatry. For many people, the look of their toenails is a problem, especially in summer, for holidays and the two days of sun we get here in the UK each year!

Your feet are in the firing line for damage (how many times have we knocked our toenails on furniture, or lost a nail after a long walk or run?). They can also be prone to problems caused by underlying medical issues like psoriasis or fungal infections.

With toenail reconstruction, we have a cosmetic fix to rebuild damaged and discoloured nails. It’s not a medical cure, it won’t get rid of any fungal infections for example. But it can improve the appearance of your nails in the short term. It’s a perfect solution for holidays, special events like weddings, spa trips, days at the races, where your choice of footwear might mean putting your nails on display. The reconstructions last about 6 weeks until they can become loose and the nail beneath starts to grow.

Can anyone have a toenail reconstruction?

Ideally, you need to have a small amount of nail there to attach a reconstruction to. The less existing nail there is to anchor it to, the shorter time any reconstruction will last. The nail is reconstructed with a light-cured acrylester resin. It’s different to a finger nail acrylic, as it has different flexibility and is designed specifically for toes.

The great thing about it, is you can use normal nail polish over the reconstruction, and remove it as normal with nail polish remover. Toenail reconstruction gel polishes can be used too, but you will damage the reconstructed nail when removing gels so always bear that in mind.

We love doing the reconstructions, because they can make such a huge difference to the appearance of your feet, which is a big deal for many people.
If you have any questions about the reconstructions, or to find out if they would be suitable for you, then give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to advise.