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Intensive Foot Treatment

This month we want to introduce you to our Intensive Foot Treatment.

We used to call this our MediPedi, but we felt that didn’t really describe the treatment that well.


What is an Intensive Foot Treatment?

This treatment is a Podiatry treatment and then some!

Our Standard Podiatry treatment involves nail care, (cutting and reducing thickness), removal of callus and corns.

Our Intensive Foot Treatment combines this treatment with an exfoliating foot scrub, followed by a moisturising Urea foot mask. All in all, a treat for your feet!


Who would benefit from an this treatment?

The simple answer is – anyone! But especially anyone who has particularly dry or hard skin. The urea within the foot mask is used in many foot creams and is a particularly good moisturiser, as it has keratolytic qualities (it helps to soften hard skin).

Alongside this treatment, if you are suffering with especially dry or hard skin on your feet, then we can advise the best aftercare to keep your feet in the best condition.

We stock a variety of creams in foot and ankle clinic for different foot care needs.

nail care at round house podiatry

How long does treatment take?

This treatment lasts 40 minutes. After the nail care has been carried out, the feet are cleansed with an exfoliating scrub. The urea foot mask is then applied, and the feet are wrapped in warm towels to allow the cream to soak well into the skin. After the skin has been softened with the mask, any remaining hard skin is gently removed and the skin smoothed.


If it sounds like this treatment could be for you, book online here