Cosmetic toenail reconstruction

What is Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction?

What is Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction?

Cosmetic toenail reconstruction involves rebuilding damaged toenails using a UV gel system. These gels offer a temporary cosmetic fix for unsightly or damaged nails.

In our clinic, we use the Wilde Pedique system, which is specifically designed for toenails. It is more elastic than the gels used for building fingernails, to allow for the movement and wear and tear that your feet go through daily.

The Wilde Pedique UV gel system allows nails to be reshaped, discolouration to be masked and damaged and deformed nails to be reconstructed.

How long does Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction last?

Once applied, it is recommended that the reconstruction is removed, and replaced, if necessary, every 6-8 weeks. This allows for checking of the natural nail beneath as it grows underneath the reconstruction.

Can you still apply nail varnish?

Yes! After 24 hours, normal or gel polishes can be applied over the reconstruction.

Case studies

recent cosmetic toenail reconstruction


This was a recent reconstruction we have carried out. It was quite a simple one, but for a very special occasion – our patient was going on honeymoon and wanted her nails to look as great as they could for the beach. We reconstructed the nail to the same length and shape as the other foot, and disguised the damaged portion, ready for nail polish application.







reconstructed fungal nail


Cosmetic nail reconstruction can be great as a temporary cover-up for unsightly fungal nails. In this case we were covering up the nail for a holiday. Reconstructions are not a cure for fungal nails, but in the short term can really help their appearance, perfect for holidays and special occasions.








Cosmetic toenail reconstructions can be a great short- or long-term solution to improve the appearance of toenails.

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