summer foot care for diabetics

Summer Foot Care For Diabetics (And everyone else too!)

Summer Foot Care

Summer is an important time of year when it comes to looking after your feet if you suffer with Diabetes.

Foot care is important for diabetics all year round, but especially in the warmer months in the UK, and while abroad on holiday too.

Why is foot care so important for diabetics?

Diabetes, if not well controlled, can cause damage to the nerves and the blood vessels to the feet. This can lead to a loss of sensation, and reduced circulation. Either one or both issues can cause skin damage and slow healing.

Why is summer so important in particular?

In summer, we tend to wear more open footwear (if we ever get any decent weather!) and our feet are exposed to more than they would be in winter, when we are usually in more protective boots and shoes.

summer foot care - walking on the beach








What are our best foot care tips for the summer?

These go for everyone, and not just diabetics!

  • Don’t walk barefoot. Always wear something on your feet when walking about, even if it is just flip flops or sliders. On the beach, there can be hidden hazards within the sand, such as glass fragments or sharp stones. By the pool, the ground can be very hot if it’s sunny, and standing in one place for too lang can cause burns to the underside of your feet. If yo9u have a loss of sensation, then you may not always feel these hazards and can cause damage without realising.


  • Use sun cream! When applying your sun cream, don’t forget the tops and even the soles of your feet. You’d be surprised how many people forget their feet when applying sun cream and end up with burns.


  • Inspect your feet daily. Check for any breaks in the skin, or any skin changes that you may not have noticed.


  • Apply moisturising cream regularly, Warmer weather can cause skin to dry out more. Dry skin can increase the risk of damage as it is more fragile.


  • Wear appropriate socks and shoes. Bear in mind that in warmer weather, feet can swell which may cause increased pressure on the feet from footwear. Allow enough room in shoes and sandals to accommodate any swelling. Wearing socks adds an extra layer of protection for the skin to absorb some of the friction from footwear.


  • Take a medical kit away with you. Blister plasters and antiseptic cream are your best friends on holiday! Make some room in your suitcase for them.


  • Visit your Podiatrist for regular treatment and foot health checks. We can help advise you further and keep your feet in the best possible condition.

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