Swift microwave treatment for verrucae, podiatry machine

Results from Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment


What results can you get from Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment?

We have now been using this treatment in clinic since 2017 and have had some fantastic results for some of our patients. It is a treatment we love, as it’s quick and clean, and can really help our patients to get rid of really stubborn verrucas.

As we have been talking recently about before and after comparisons, we thought we’d go back and show you some of the great results we’ve had with Swift over the years.


Gone in 3 treatments.

This result was for a young lad aged 12, the verrucas had been there for around 3 years. After 3 treatments with Swift, the largest lesion had fully resolved, and the smaller ones were just finishing clearing up. A great result, happy patient and happy Podiatrist!

verruca on the toe before and after treatment with Swift











Our next case study was a lovely lady, in her 50’s. She had had her verrucas also for around 3 years and they were quite extensive. 3 treatments later, and she was verruca free!

Extensive verrucas treated with Swift microwaves


Two treatments and verruca free!

Our next case study was a teenage girl, whose verrucas had been present for around a year, and were causing issues with hobbies. Two treatments with Swift and the verrucas were gone.

large verruca before and after microwave treatment












We must say that Swift has different results for everyone. As verrucae are viral, we are attempting to produce an immune response to the virus to resolve verrucae. While we have some great results within 3 treatments for may people, for some it can take 4 or more treatments to resolve their verrucae. We assess lesions at each visit to advise if further Swift treatments are needed or appropriate.


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