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Christmas Gifts at Round House Podiatry.

Christmas gifts for your feet! It’s coming up to THAT time of the year again isn’t it! The Round House Podiatry team are in full-on Christmas prep mode! How organised are you all in your Christmas shopping? Are you an “All done by the end of November” sort, or a…

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We love working in Kirkburton!

Round House Podiatry Clinic - Local Podiatrist in Kirkburton

Kirkburton – Our Village We love working in Kirkburton, there is a wonderful community feel in the village, and we have so many brilliant, long established businesses locally. It is always a busy village, but at this time of year it becomes even busier! Our village Christmas lights have now…

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Warm Wax Therapy

The equipment used for warm wax therapy

Warm Wax Therapy – A Treat For Your Feet If you suffer with dry skin, aching feet, arthritis, chilblains or Raynauds, then we have a treat for your feet. As an add-on to your Podiatry treatment at Round House Podiatry, we offer warm wax therapy treatment. What is this treatment?…

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Ever wondered about callus on your feet?

Callus on feet

Why do you get callus on your feet? Callus on the feet is common problem. It forms as the skin’s response to friction and pressure. When you think about what your feet go through every day, it’s not surprising! They commonly form on the balls of the feet, the tops…

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Ever wondered, “How do I get rid of a corn?”

A corn that we can help get rid of

What are corns? Before we can answer, ‘How do I get rid of a corn’, we need to tell you a little bit about what they actually are. Corns are thickened areas of the skin with a hard, central core that form in response to friction and pressure. They can…

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