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Treatment for Fungal Nail Infections

toenail ready for treatment for fungal nail infection

Are you looking for treatment for fungal nail infection? Fungal nails are not only one of the most common conditions that we see in clinic, but can also be one of the hardest things to treat. They can take many months to resolve. So if you want to have clear…

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How long does it take to get rid of a verruca? Some Swift Case Studies.

a case study of a Swift Microwave Verruca treatment at Round House Podiatry

How long does it take to get rid of a verruca? The answer to this question will vary for every single patient we see. Hopefully these studies will give an understanding of how long it takes to get rid of a verruca! For the majority of our patients that we…

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Looking for help with a verruca? FAQ’s and helpful information

help with a verruca on the big toe

Are you looking for help with a verruca? In this month’s blog, we aim to answer some of your frequently asked questions about verrucas and provide information about their treatment. I’m looking for help with a verruca. Should I see a Podiatrist? Yes, Podiatrists deal with verrucae all the time.…

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Podiatry Home Visits

Podiatry Home Visits Round House Podiatry Nikki Woodhead Podiatrist

Round House Podiatry home visits – what does a typical day look like? In this blog, Nikki Woodhead describes a typical day. Work days at the Round House are a little different for me on Wednesdays andThursdays, as those are the days I come out of clinic and visits patients…

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Round House Podiatry Clinic

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Podiatrist looks like? In this blog, we look at a typical day for us at the Round House Podiatry clinic, (if such a thing as a “typical day” exists!). For Anna, her day starts with a scenic drive over the…

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