Medical pedicure closeup , cosmetic podiatry

What is Cosmetic Podiatry?

Well, in a nutshell, cosmetic Podiatry is the non-medical part of what we do. The little extras to help your feet look extra pretty and feel extra nice! It combines aesthetics with the medical interventions we do as Podiatrists to improve the comfort of your feet. It’s quite new for us, but it means we have such a varied caseload. We can be doing minor cosmetic podiatric surgery one day, and painting toenails the next. Boring in one thing life as a Podiatrist never is!

So, what sort of things do you do in Cosmetic Podiatry?

As well as our core Podiatry appointments for your usual footcare needs, like nail care, corn treatment and callus removal, we offer add-ons.

Add some colour to your toes!

In our foot and ankle clinic, we use Dr’s Remedy nail polishes, which are kinder to your nails than gels and many normal polishes. It is vegan friendly, and free of chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. Dr’s Remedy polish also contains lots of helpful ingredients like biotin, tea tree oil and garlic bulb extract to help keep nails healthy. They also don’t need harsh chemicals to remove them, they can be taken off using normal nail polish remover.

MediPedi – the ultimate treat for your feet

If your skin is extra dry or in need of some pampering TLC, we offer a MediPedi appointment (Medical Pedicure), combining our expert core Podiatry treatment, with exfoliating foot cream and a urea foot mask, with your feet wrapped in warm towels to help the moisturising properties of the mask to work. This can also be topped off with an application of nail polish for fully pampered, show-off ready feet (MediPedi Plus).

Warm wax therapy

Where do we start with the benefits of warm wax therapy? For this treatment, following on from your Podiatry treatment, Prende oil is applied to the skin,
followed by warm wax. Your feet are wrapped up in warm booties and the heat and wax is left for a few minutes to do its thing! This therapy is great for relieving aching joints and inflammation, the oil helps with dry skin too. It can be really helpful for people who tend to suffer with chilblains in the winter too. (We often get asked to bring the kit home over Christmas holidays so the family can have a treat too!)

If you’re not sure which treatment would be best for your feet, or if you want a little bit more information, please give us a call, and we’ll be happy to talk you through your needs.

Give your feet a treat with our Cosmetic Podiatry treatments.