National Walking month

National Walking Month: Discover the Joy of Walking

These feet were made for walking...

May is National Walking Month. Walking has a whole host of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure, helping with weight loss, improving mood, to helping to keep other health conditions such as diabetes under control. Not to mention giving people who are now working from home a break from the same four walls!
It is recommended that we all get out and walk more, but even simple exercise like walking can cause it's own problems.
Injuries can occur in people who are just starting out walking regularly, and increase their pace and distance too quickly, overloading structures that aren't used to those levels of use. Even seasoned walkers who regularly cover long distances can be susceptible to injury.
National walking month - round house podiatry

Stay Injury-Free this National Walking Month with These Essential Tips?

  • Firstly, if you are just starting out walking more regularly, then build up your distance and pace gradually. Try doing a little more distance each time you walk.
  • Secondly, Footwear, Footwear, Footwear!
    • What you wear on your feet for walking is so important. Having your feet measured and fitted properly for walking boots or shoes is a great idea. Trying on these with the socks you would normally wear for walking is essential, as well as any orthotic devices you may use, to make sure that there is enough room to accommodate them.
    • The correct type of footwear for your walk is also a good place to start to avoid problems. For example, if you are walking on tarmac and hard, flat surfaces, then a lightweight, cushioned walking trainer is excellent to absorb some of the forces going through your feet and legs. If you are being more adventurous over uneven or rocky terrain, then a walking boot with a stiffer sole and ankle support is ideal. The right tools for the right job!

Ill fitting shoes and boots can lead to all sorts of problems, such as blisters, bruised nails, corns and foot pain. If you suffer with any of the above, make an appointment with your local Podiatrist to get things checked over. We're always happy to help and advise.

If National Walking Month has inspired you to get out for a walk, why not find out how we can help you get out and about pain free today?