Clinic opening sign - 15 years ago

Where did the last 15 years go?

That is a good question – Where DID the last 15 years go??

This month we are 15 years old!

1st December 2008 was my first day working at the Round House. I took over from Cynthia Crowther, who had run the clinic for the previous 11 years. After 8 years of full-time NHS work, I was ready for a new challenge. Little did I know what the next 15 years would have in store! 2 days before my 30th Birthday, it felt like a good time for new beginnings (although I’m giving away my real age there!)

Clinic opening sign - 15 years ago



This photo shows my original opening times sign from the clinic. Two days a week, in and amongst my remaining NHS hours. I think we still may have that sign stored away somewhere at home, (our girls loved to use it to play “Shop” when they were smaller – they’ll probably kill me for saying that!). It’s nice to look back at it to remind me how far we have come since then.




Small Beginnings

The first day at the Round House I remember feeling so nervous, but the patients (some of whom are still coming to the clinic all these years later) were wonderful. Kirkburton is a fabulous place to work. It was like coming full circle, having lived just down the road at Storthes Hall Student Accommodation in my first year at Huddersfield University in 1997!


In 2016 I finally took the leap and left the NHS fully, leaving me available to open the clinic for more hours. Taking Nikki on board, we have grown from opening the clinic 2 days a week to 6 days a week and added 2 days of home visits into the mix. We have added new treatments like Toenail Reconstruction and Swift Microwave Verruca treatments to our range of services. In fact, in 2017 we became the first clinic in the area to offer the Swift treatment, and we are still loving the results we get for our patients.

What next?

So, what of the next 15 years? Well, the next few months will see some exciting changes as we move forward with upgrades to the clinic building. Some of you may have noticed the new lighting and heaters already, along with the new equipment we have on board.

Most of all, we are looking forward to being your local Podiatrist for the next 15 years!