foot care for dry feet

Foot Care for Dry Feet” – The Struggle Is Real!


Why does nothing get rid of my dry skin??

One thing we see in our foot and ankle clinic time and time again, is dry feet.

Often, when people come to see us with this problem, they have tried lots of things to improve the quality and appearance of the skin on their feet, especially around the heels, much of the time with little or no success.

So, if you have tried all sorts of foot creams, skin peels, pedicures, then this blog is for you!

Firstly, don’t give up hope! Visiting a Podiatrist is a great place to start.
Dry, hard skin on feet has many different causes, so if you have tried all sorts and nothing has helped, getting the diagnosis right first is important.

A lot of the time, chronic dry, peeling, hard skin has an underlying cause. This can include friction, eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections, and some health conditions such as hypothyroidism.

When you visit a Podiatrist, they will take a full medical and Podiatric history to try to identify the cause of the problem. Podiatrists, (or Pods as we call ourselves sometimes!), are trained to recognise and treat lots of common skin problems.

Dry Feet Causes

One of the main causes of chronic dry skin (that doesn’t improve after using moisturising creams regularly or having pedicures to soften and remove the skin), that we see in clinic is actually a fungal infection. Yes, that’s good old Athlete’s Foot. It’s one of the most common things we see in clinic and deal with on a daily basis. In clinic, we can identify fungal infections, and even test for them in clinic. Once we’ve got the right diagnosis, we can supply antifungal creams and provide a treatment plan to get your skin in tip top condition again.

So, if happy feet with happy skin is what you are after, then we can certainly help!

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