Kardia Mobile – Why do we use it?

How do Podiatrists detect an irregular pulse? Our policy in clinic is that all new patients over the age of 50 (or below if there is a clinical reason to do so) will have the circulation to their feet checked using a doppler. A doppler allows us as Podiatrists to listen to not only the…

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Diabetes Week 2022

Patient receiving podiatry treatment for chilblains

Diabetes – why does it affect Podiatry treatment? Diabetes Week 2022 is coming up soon, so our latest blog will tell you a little about diabetes and your feet, and why it is such a big deal for Podiatrists. Both Nikki and Anna specialised in the care of diabetic feet whilst working in the NHS…

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May – Skin Cancer Awareness Month

wound in the skin of foot

A Patient Case Study. May has been skin cancer awareness month. So just before the end of the month and to highlight the importance of this subject, we’d like to share one of our cases with you, with our patient’s permission.   One of our regular patients attended the clinic for her usual 6 monthly…

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National Walking Month

Woman standing with hands wide open

These feet were made for walking… Walking has a whole host of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure, helping with weight loss, improving mood, to helping to keep other health conditions such as diabetes under control. Not to mention giving people who are now working from home a break from the same four walls! It…

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Socks, Socks, Socks!

Socks collection with different colors

Why do we love our Thought Bamboo socks so much? Did you know we stock a range of socks in our clinic? One of our best-selling socks are the bamboo range we stock from Thought. These socks are so comfortable, and we wear them ourselves every day. They are – breathable, sustainable, naturally antifungal, and…

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What is a Dermatoscope and how do we use it?

hand holding a magnifier

How does a Dermatoscope help us? A Dermatoscope is a fantastic little gadget that helps us to look at the skin under magnification. Using a Dermatoscope allows us to see some really cool details in the skin. It’s like looking at a different world! It helps us to… Distinguish between types of lesions. For example,…

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Good Foot Hygiene – Don’t Forget About Your Feet!

Top View Close Up Of Male Therapist Drying Leg

How do I look after my feet? Feet are often out of sight and out of mind, wrapped up in socks and shoes, especially in winter. Lots of us don’t really pay much attention to our feet until they start to hurt, or something doesn’t look right. For many of us, they are low down…

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Holiday Feet – Helpful Tips

Relaxing feet in comfortable way

Planning a holiday this year?   Remember those days? BC (Before Covid), when we could so easily step off a plane and let the hot (or cold!) air hit us? If you’re like us and haven’t been lucky (or brave) enough to get away abroad yet, then you’ve probably forgotten that “step off the plane”…

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Nikki Woodhead – What Motivates Me As A Podiatrist?

foot pain treatment done by Kirkburton Huddersfield

Why do I enjoy my job? I can remember spending school holidays with my Grandma, who had me tending to her feet! So I guess a career in Podiatry was inevitable!   I qualified with a degree from the University of Huddersfield in 1996, and went straight into work with the local NHS, spending the…

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Fungal Infections and Feet.

Podiatrist Huddersfield Athlete's Foot

Athlete’s Foot – Not just for athletes! One of the things that we see all the time in clinic is fungal infections, otherwise known as Athlete’s Foot. It’s a really common condition, there are studies that have shown it can affect up to 70% of the population at some point in their lives, and it’s…

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